Sasane Dental Clinic is a speciality dental service clinic which has been functioning since January 2013 in old Panvel. It is the biggest clinic of Panvel in consideration of area. The clinic have constantly served for the betterment of the patient and treated various patients successfully. Sasane Dental Clinic also have second branch which is located in new Panvel, this branch was started in January 2015. This branch is polyclinic ( child health care & dental clinic). Step in to the home not in clinic, where we treat you in an amazing way. The sound knowledge and experience hand will foster you with pain less and calm treatment. Take a stroll in our lovely Clinic and we make sure you always go with smile capturing moment.

Treatment available

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is restoring of all the teeth which are severely worn down, missing, infected, affected. This treatment is done step wise to revaluate restore repair the patient aesthetic function and harmony. Full Mouth rehabilitation is either tooth supported i.e, with the support of natural tooth or implant supported i.e, with support of dental implant. Our clinic takes amazing effort to diagnose and treat such type of difficult patient. We take immense efforts and make sure the patient gets what he wants.


Dentures are removable prosthesis which are given when no Teeth are present. When denture are made in few remaining tooth they are called as hybrid denture. Recent trend in denture is called as hybrid denture which is fixed prosthesis given with the help of implants. All this type of denture are finely made in Our clinic and successfully wore by patients.

Crown & Bridges

Crown is also called as cap, it is placed after root canal treatment or for replacing large restoration or to change the existing ill fitting crown. Bridge is multiple crown, it s minimum of 3 crown or more. bridge is given to replacement of missing tooth. Different type of crown & bridge options are available in our clinic, metal ceramic variant which has cad cam, laser, sintered, tilite etc, all ceramic variant which has emax, bruxzir, monolithic. Crown & bridge are the integral part of our practice and we deliver best quality of crown & bridge to each and every patient,with an amazing follow up record.

  • Dental implant

    implants are one of the best revolution in the field of dentistry, they are also called as third dentition of teeth. we at sasane dental clinic provides amazing platform of dental implant with different types of implant for all the class of patient. implants are placed for single missing teeth to full mouth cases depending upon situation. Implants are one of the best solution available to get fixed teeth. Our team encourage patients for implant education, we do there diagnosis, treatment planning and guide them for proper implant treatment. so if you have missing teeth book your appointment at sasane dental clinic and get your implants done

    Root Canal

    The most common problem of common person is tooth pain, and one of the best treatment available to reduce tooth pain is Root canal treatment. this treatment removes debris germs,shapes -cleans the canal and inserts medication in the tooth so that the tooth never pains. We perform painless root canal treatment & also single sitting procedures. Painless & Successful root canal treatment is key to our clinical success.

    Paediatric Dentistry

    It is the dentistry of small children's. we have specialist team to treat all the suffering kids and we perform all the treatment like root canal, filling, cleaning, tooth removal, braces treatment. we also have an in house Pediatrician for overall health & vaccination.

    Orthodontic Treatment

    This treatment is also called as braces treatment, it is done to correct mal-aligned wrongly placed teeth, the tooth correction is done by placing braces and retainer and to perform proper correction and alignment of teeth

    Smile Designing

    Smile designing is to restore back beautiful smile by different treatment such as veneers laminate or bleaching. All this treatment are minimally invasive procedure and gives amazing outcome to the smile of patient.


    Tooth bleaching is done to do whitening of the teeth. it is also commonly done for bridal /groom makeover to have white and bright smile. it is performed at clinical level and also done at home called as home bleaching. bleaching treatment is easily available in our practice and is commonly done.

    Gum surgery

    Gum surgery is an overall term used for correction and repairing of the gums. it is done in cases who have foul order, bleeding gums, black gums etc. it is an important treatment and can be properly diagnosed and treated at our place.

    Tooth filling

    Filling is done with tooth color material like composite. filling is required in carious teeth or broken teeth. we have carious indicator paste to detect carious and also have variety of composite material to refill the tooth.


    Extraction or tooth removal along with complicated surgeries are performed in our clinic. wisdom tooth extraction is done in local anesthesia by our specialist team. all the surgical work is done with accurate and copious sterilization and strict protocol.

    Highlights of clinic

    • High quality of care, various amenities provision.
    • Our practice is highly recommended by doctors & patients.
    • We offer all dental services to patient with affordable rates.
    • We have outstanding facilities in our set up.
    • Sterilization is meticulously followed.
    • We have excellent team of doctors & assistant.
    • Comfortable , spacious, hi-tech clinic.
    • Properly organized for ease of work for our doctors & assistant likewise.
    • Well designed for the benefit of patients.
    • Easy maintenance, proper infection control.
    • Our patients are benefited in terms of sound & long lasting dental treatment.
    • We have reputed & recognized name in society.
    • Minimizing waiting time & providing comforting features are integral part of our clinic.
    • We strictly avoid any compromise on all aspects of form, function, aesthetics, hygiene & sterilization of each & every services provided by us.
    • We have spacious set up, proper team, emergency facility, and patient backup.
    • Every component of clinic design is planned, studied,& executed to ensure homely, comfortable & relaxing for the patient and ease of passage for dentist & assistant.
    • Our clinic projects a commitment of quality care & inspires patient’s confidence.